30 Best FREE Project Management Software

Basecamp, ActiveCollab or MS Project free and open source alternatives

This is probably the most extensive list of best free project management software and collaboration tools, both desktop and web based.
We have dug hard to find open source and free solutions, and we found lots of them!
Note: listed in no particular order. Compiled in May 2011.


TeamLab is a free open-source platform for business collaboration and project management. It enables users to create teams, manage projects with setting milestones and creating tasks which can be assigned per user. TeamLab stands out in the way it brings together numerous online tools to help streamline project management. Even schools and non profit organizations can get plenty of use out of TeamLab to work on projects that could expand their exposure.


XPlanner+ is a free and open source desktop project planning and bug tracking software. As a Java application it works on Windows as well as on Linux and Mac OS. It includes virtual note cards, support for recording and tracking projects, and online time tracking and time sheet generation. XPlanner-Plus views a project according to iterations, user stories, and tasks.


NavalPlan is a free software web application for project management. It's a fully useful planning tool for any type of company whose workflow requires project and order administration and scheduling. Some of the features are: company and multi-project overview, criteria assignments, tasks tagging, resources management, resource allocation (specific and generic), company load control, external integration, etc.


2-plan comes in 2 variants - web based and desktop. 2-plan Desktop is a free alternative to MS Project to setup, plan, and monitor your project and 2-plan Team is a web-based project management tool with great smartphone interface.


WhoDoes, a web-based project management tool, is designed to assist you and your team in planning projects of different complexity, from the small project to the biggest one. It allows you to manage the actvities to do daily, assigning tasks, defining due-dates, setting priorities, and always keeping the project's progress under control.


Collabtive is a free and open source web based cloud based groupware and collaboration software written in PHP5. Some other features are: projects, milestones, tasks, basecamp import, timetracking, reporting etc.


dotProject is a web-based project management application, designed to provide project layout and control functions. It is open-source software, free for any use and is maintained by an open community of volunteer programmers. Its core features include: User Management, Ticketing Support System provided via email, Client Management, Task Listing, File Archive, Contact List, Calendar, Discussion Forum. There is also a book written on the subject of using dotProject for project management entitled: "Project Management with dotProject" by Lee Jordan.


jxProject is a free desktop project management tool. Works on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OSX. Some of the features are: Full time resource leveling, Gantt charts, Resource Assignments, Tasks may be of fixed work, fixed duration, or fixed span, scheduling of work time, time off, or paid time off.


PHProjekt is a open source project management suite and is based on a module system where you add the modules that you need for your specific project or task. It supports communication and management of teams and companies. It includes a group calendar, project management, a request tracker and localization. As with most other free project management tools, PHProjekt includes the normal contact/team manager modules, request and support trackers as well as a note system.

Gantt Project

Gantt Project is distributed under a GNU General Public License, which means you can download it for free. It`s a Java based desktop project management software that works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. It`s good for small business without the need of all the features of MS Project; NGOs in need of a stable tool to Schedule management; starting PM Consultants.


ProjectPier is a free and open-source web based tool for managing tasks, projects and teams. It was originally forked from ActiveCollab. With ProjectPier, you can add client companies (with members), projects, milestones, task lists and tasks, share files, start forum-like messages, and collaborate with co-workers and clients.


qdPM is a free web-based project management application based on PHP and MySQL. You can easy manage people, projects and tasks. Some of the features are: users access controls, time tracking, customer report and support tickets, Gantt charts, dicussions, versions/phases, calendar etc.

Project HQ

Project HQ is a collaborative open source project management software, like Basecamp and activeCollab. Issue tracking is possible through the tickets system that implements a ticketing workflow. Some of the features are: companies, members, projects, milestones, task lists & tasks.


OpenProj can serve as a replacement of Microsoft Project and other commercial project solutions. As a Java application, the user interface may not always conform to Windows, but the tool runs additionally on Mac OS and Unix/Linux systems. Because of its availability as freeware, you can easily evaluate the software.

Endeavour Agile ALM

Endeavour Agile ALM is a tool to manage large scale enterprise systems in both the iterative and incremental agile software development process placing a specific interest in use-case driven practices.. It features support for use cases, iterations, project plan, change requests, defect tracking, test cases, test plans, tasks, document management, reports etc.


KForge is a free and open source enterprise application architecture for project hosting. It`s a web based solution, written in Python and provides project services on-demand and controls access with a robust, role-based, single sign-on access controller.


Plandora is a multi-project management, web-based PM suite. In addition to the usual assortment of Gantt charts and resource charts, Plandora also provides a Balanced Scorecard report for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Some other features are: time track, dashboard gadgets, requests, BSC (KPI), knowledge base, risks, agile board, resource capacity, surveys, SVN integration and gantt chart.


Todomoo organizes projects in hierarchical tasks, in different categories, stores payment details, timers and multiple notes for each task. The license of this business & finance software is Free, you can free download and free use this project management software software.


project-open (or "]project-open[" as they like to be called) is a web-based project & service management system for medium sized organizations. It includes CRM, collaboration, project planning, tracking, collaboration, time sheet, controlling and invoicing. Using a bottom-up approach a group tasks can be aggregated to a sub-project, multiple subprojects can form a main project. With more than 1,000,000 lines of code it is one of the largest open-source web applications in the world.


iTeamWork is, as its name suggests, based on providing team members the files and information they need to get their job done quickly and efficiently. The methodology, implementation and interface are kept simple to insure that the focus is on managing projects rather than learning a new system.


Kunagi is a free web-based tool for software project management based on the agile framework Scrum. It aims to be accessible and suitable for both professional and non-professional development of projects of any size. It`s Java web application and it needs Java and Tomcat packages installed on your server.


Redmine is a free and open source flexible project management web application, written using Ruby on Rails. Some pros are: FREE, high level of comparability, ease of use. Cons are: sometimes hard to figure out how to do certain options, unnecessary project management features complicate the product.


ProjectForge is a web-based professional project management and financial and adminstrative controlling platform for teams from small to large, which ensures the success of your projects and your company. ProjectForge is leveraging DOD infrastructure and helping adopt best practices for cloud computing.


web2Project is a free and open source, web-based, multi-user, multi-language, business-oriented project management system. Started as a fork of dotProject, it features projects and tasks, Gantt charts, export via PDF or simple JPEG images, calendar and iCalendar, reporting, forums etc.

ZenTao PMS

ZenTaoPMS is an open source project management software, based on Scrum. It features product management, project management, bug management, testcase management, doc management, todo management etc.


Codendi is an open-source collaborative development platform offered by Xerox. It's the only 100% open source collaborative platform for development and activities monitoring. Some other features are: tracking, project management, software development, document management, collaboration, interoperability.

Streber PM

This web based project management system is totally open source project and it is contribute and update by a group of interested developers of which most use the project management tool for their own work purpose. Freelancers and small teams can easily setup projects and keep track of tasks, issues, bugs, efforts etc.


PROJECT TRACKER is a simple yet powerful tool used to keep track of multiple projects. It`s a HTML based Software project planning tool supporting combined time documentation and standard project planning features techniques used since more then 20 years of SW development.


Cornelius is highly customizable open source project management web application written in Java. It`s used to manage the common tasks of any company such as project management, task tracking, human resource planning and costs.


LeanPM is a Project Management Software that received very good reviews.


TUTOS is a webbased open source groupware or ERP/CRM/PLM system to manage the organizational needs of small groups, teams, departments.


Vermis is a free and open source issue tracker and project management tool for software developers and project managers. Users get notified of any updates made to issues via automatically sent e-mails and every issue has a status, priority and graphical progress bar to easily see a snapshot of it.


Jorp is a simple, web-based project management system. It allows you to keep track of projects, tasks, clients, and users through an easy-to-navigate web interface. Positive reviews.


phpCollab is an open source and free web based system for use in projects that require collaboration over the internet. This system allows the client to lay out the project, and allows the consultants to add tasks, give deadlines and progress reports, allowing the client to see exactly what is going on and when.