Top 50 Community Software, Social Network Scripts and Platforms

This is Vivalogo's list of best social network scripts and CMS', community software solutions and social networking platforms (kinda hard to say all these words :) ).
Most of them are open source, free and downloadable. Commercial scripts are marked.
Note: listed in no particular order. Last edited in October 2011.

SocialEnginefree trial

SocialEngine social networking software

SocialEngine is social networking software powered by PHP and Zend. The script lets you easily create your own social network or online community. Includes customizable groups, photo albums, messaging, member profiles, videos, news feeds, a drag-and-drop CMS, and more.

JomSocial$1 trial

Now everyone can create a thriving, unique and interactive Joomla community - A social networking and community script for Joomla CMS.


LiveStreet CMS is a great tool to create social networks and team blogs. The project has been implemented with the OOP on PHP5 + MySQL5 and is built on the principle of the MVC model, which makes it possible to change both the logic engine, and appearance with ease.


Sharetronix is an opensource microblogging platform. It empowers people to exchange ideas and multimedia in real-time.


Full Source Code based on CodeIgniter Framework and Adobe Air. Available through all Major Browsers and on a Mac/Win Desktop near you.


Jcow is a PHP Social networking and Online Community script. It can help you to build a social network or a member community for your existing website, a social networking site or a social network site for intranet.


PHPsocial is a social networking script that features profiles, events, albums, groups, search, immediate download and simple setup, total control and ownership, completely unencrypted source code, active development and updates.


SocialCMS is a free and open source content management software. It allows non-technical users to create and make changes to a website easily. It is developed on Apache/PHP/MySQL platform & has various features such as CMS, Themes, Plugins, SEO, Newsletter etc.


Mahara is an open source e-portfolio system with a flexible display framework. Mahara also features a weblog, resume builder and social networking system, connecting users and creating online learner communities.


Cunity is a free, open-source software to run a private social network of your own. Cunity can be easily installed on your webserver or it can be rented from us with a webspace. You can use Cunity for your club, your business or as a framework for your website.


amun is an social content managment system written in php and based on the psx framework. The code is writte in clean php 5 oop and the backend is based on ExtJS. It has an extensive plugin system with that you can add many functionallities to your website like (news, forums etc...)


DFRN provides the means for people to conduct online social network activities without requiring a central website (such as MySpace, Facebook, etc.). These web companies quite literally own the personal communications and online friendships of hundreds of millions of people.


Elgg is an award-winning social platform, delivering the tools and resources that enable businesses, schools, universities, groups and associations to create their own fully-featured social network.


myMates is a php script for friends to have their very own social network it offers huge privacy and has lots of features to interact with your friends.


spree is a knowledge exchange network. Seems like Yahoo Answers script. spree aims to create an active online community, especially in enterprises, where every user can ask questions or act as an expert helping fellow users.


HelloWorld is an open source project that aims at the development of a protocol that allows users to build distributed and secure social networks in the internet.


SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool experimenting new features as structured tags or collaborative descriptions of tags.


Easy to install, use, and raising the bar on what it is to provide a reliable, fast, social networking package to raise your business to the next level.


Appleseed is the first open source, fully decentralized social networking software. It protects your privacy, moves you around without losing friends, supports open standards. Appleseed provides Open Access to all its users, while maintaining the privacy and security of your data.


Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online.

Realtime Social Network Tracking

Realtime Social Network Tracking (RSNT) an API that tracks the real-time Web to give you data, business intelligence and insights about what consumers are saying in (semi-automatic) real-time.


Family Connections is an open source content management system. It makes creating a private, family website easy and fun.

Box Social

Box Social is a piece of Open Source Social Networking software written in C# for the Mono .net framework platform.


Complete social networking system for school clubs, small in-school programs (such as International Baccalaureate), and even entire schools.


A lightweight private social network written in ruby on rails.

Devolia Social


Mi-Dia Package

Mi-Dia Package is a complete and easy to setup website catering to both publishing and community needs. Mi-Dia Package is a pre intergrated Mi-Dia Blog and Mi-Dia Forum setup, allowing web master's to easily make use of both script's without the need of manually intergrating them


Social Networking Wesite Using ASP.Net Need VS2008 .Net Framework 3.5 SQL Server 2005 AJAX



Get the script as seen on


Kootali is a customized and fully featured social networking script, similar to large sites like facebook, that lets you create a standalone social community site for allowing users to communicate and connect. It could be romantic, personal, professional or anything else. It gives your users the perfect environment to socialize and network with their online pals.

Famous People CMScommercial

Start your own celebrities community website : timelines, quotes, pictures, contributors and fans; manage your own database of celebrities timelines, quotes and images; build a community of people who could easily become friends or contributors to the growth of your website.


Your users will be able to create & customize their very own profile page, upload pictures, movies, music rate users, blogs, upgrade to premium tools and so much more, iFdate gives you the best performance on what a community site needs.


iSocial comes with RIA, photo snap, iSocial connect, OpenID and many more unique features to distinguish your site from others using cheap cookie cutter software.


Twitter Script is a revolutionary PHP software that allows you to run your own micro blogging site just like Twitter.


iWiccle CMS Community Builder is an excellent and easy-to-use solution for website development, online publishing and community building. Deploy our versatile open-source Web 2.0 bundle and get your site online in a matter of minutes!


This is a turn-key website that runs right out of the box after a very simple setup (instructions included, live help on-call).


Pointter PHP Content Management System is an advanced, fast and user friendly CMS script that can be used to build simple websites or professional websites with product categorization, member login and search modules.

Compitravel commercial

Compitravel is a PHP script that allows you to create a social network for travelers. It makes use of Google Maps to show places to the users and allows them to post comments, create groups and send private messages among other things.

2daybiz Social Communitycommercial

2daybiz Social Community site php script is an online social networking software that allows you to start your own site just like Myspace, Hi5 and Facebook.

Scripteen Facebook Likecommercial

Scripteen Facebook Like Script is the best 'FB Like' script available on the market. It allows users to like not only phrases but also websites, youtube videos, and images. We've also integrated twitter into the system.


Create your own popular micro blogging / social networking website.


Users are able to save their favorites at your site, can share it with other users and can access their bookmarks from each computer connected to the internet.


A restaurants social network.


Evento is a calendar based script which you can install on your own web server to create an events social network. It allows your users to submit events and comments as well as to communicate through the private messaging system.